Receipts Show SUSD Trustee Stealing Public Funds AGAIN!

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Receipts Show SUSD Trustee Stealing Public Funds AGAIN!

After waiting, 209 Times has finally received Angelann Flores’ receipts. And just as we suspected and expected, Flores has been caught abusing the district issued credit card for THE THIRD TIME THIS YEAR.

When we say a third time, we mean the third time we’ve requested documents covering the course of several months for thousands of dollars with several purchases.

On Monday at an SUSD committee meeting she caused a usual scene and used the meeting to go on a tirade while passing out packets to a pre invited audience of her cronies and Record reporter. The nearly defunct Record then posted an article (that they’re paying to be on Yahoo) that had to admit that in fact Flores is in violation of SUSD policy and the law.

The receipts show several purchases at gas stations (including at 3:07am) which is against board policy and the law. SUSD has a mileage reimbursement practice strictly for district related business. Staff are not allowed to simply fill up their (uninsured) cars on a credit card and call it a day.

They are also not allowed to use the credit card as a personal slush fund, like Flores buying herself Starbucks, dinners, and breakfast at Mimosas. Trustees are allowed to pay for lunch during approved business meetings. Receipts clearly show she was meeting with no one and sitting by herself.

We’ve also received emails showing how the newest superintendent had to continuously pressure her to turn in her receipts after several months when they are due each month.

Previous emails show Flores trying to intimidate and illegally order the previous superintendent to go through her first instead cooperating with law enforcement or law CPRA requests.

These are only a few receipts out of dozens.

Meanwhile as Angelann lives it up on tax payer money while being unemployed, teachers are begging parents to “pitch in” for classrooon supplies as students are being hospitalized and denied water.

Parents are now asking for Flores to resign and for DA Ron Freitas to prosecute her for theft/misuse of public funds.

*Editors Note: We did not photoshop her monster looking fingers.

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