Records Reveal Mayor Tubbs Spent $100k On Travel, Food, and Bars in Just 18 Months

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STOCKTON- Campaign disclosure records reveal that the mayor of Stockton has spent more than the median annual income for two families in just 18 months. The perception and criticism that Michael Tubbs has been an absent mayor is supported by records that show over $100,000 for an average of $5,700 per month being spent mostly on travel, food, and bars outside of the city.

In 2018 Tubbs spent everything in his campaign account on travel and food outside of Stockton. He spent $49, 087 leaving only $869 left in the account.

Then in 2019, he quickly raised $300,000- $251, 350 of which was from outside of Stockton and mostly from the Bay Area. Outdoing the entire previous year he spent $53, 734.44 in just the first six months of the year.

Wedding in Columbia, South America with entourage of family and friends.
SXSW Music festival/conference he lists as “governmental”.

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  1. Went to jail someone called the cops on me and lied. Lol, also you have to apply to the seed program to get the $600 on a debit card that the mayor and his people are giving out.

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