Restraining Order Requested Against SUSD Trustee By Own Daughter

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By Frank Gayaldo

Yesterday SUSD Trustee AngelAnn Flores’ adult daughter, Brianna Monique Flores Ybarra, filed a request for a restraining order against her mother in the Superior Court of Fresno.

The often controversial trustee, whom previously was accused by parents of bringing a once convicted felon and alleged student rapist on elementary school campuses is now facing multiple disturbing child abuse, child endangerment and extortion allegations from her own daughter.

209 Times reached out to SUSD Trustee Flores to ask her to verify the following explosive allegations:

1) That on May 31, 2003, AngelAnn Flores’ daughter, whom was 8 years old at the time, suffered a gunshot wound to her left arm and that instead of going to a hospital and reporting it law enforcement, Flores provided her daughter home care.  

2) That AngelAnn previously physically abused her daughter to the point she was in fear of her life. 

3) That AngelAnn most recently threatened to file a false report with Child Protective Services on her now adult daughter for not complying with some of her recent demands to see her grandchildren. Trustee Flores’ daughter states she was visited yesterday by CPS investigators investigating false claims. 

SUSD Trustee Flores refused to verify or refute any of the allegations being made against her by her daughter, but instead directed us to contact her Stockton based attorney, Clarence K Chan, whom has yet to respond to our inquiry.

Attached to this article is some of the documentary evidence that appears to support the allegations being made.

The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act includes school administrators as mandatory reporters. It is unknown at this time how these allegations may impact Flores’ trustee status with SUSD.

AngelAnn Flores is closely associated to the “Reinvent Stockton” faction of elected officials that were removed by voters in the last election.

Flores was previously featured in Michael Tubbs’ HBO special “Stockton on my mind”. This is a developing story. #stockton #susd

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