Sheriff Releases Video of Stockton Man Who Was Injured in Custody

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As promised by Sheriff Withrow, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office today is releasing a video of the jail incident involving Jacob Servin. As those familiar with pre-sentenced facilities already knew, the law does not allow video cameras to monitor inside holding cells, which is where the physical altercation took place.

Last we checked, the video link was not operating, but can be accessed here:

Also of significance is that what appears to be contrary to what Mr. Servin’s media recollection has been so far, Mr. Servin signed a promise to appear for five misdemeanor counts of battery on a correctional officer. The ultimate decision to proceed with formal charges will lay with District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar. We will reach out to her office for comment, but unlike SJSO and SPD, her office is notoriously uncooperative with 209 Times and media in general.

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  1. Every one involved need to be charged with assault and should be fired immidiatley. Unfortunately this kind of brutality happens all the time it needs to stop.

  2. I believe they were assaulting him all they had to do is put him in the cell and Take off the cuffs and shut the door what was the reason they were taking so long in the cell

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