“Sorry I Molested You”: Evidence Presented Against Sammy Nunez in Court

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State Senator Susan Eggman Awarding Admitted Child Molester Sammy Nuñez


STOCKTON- Once again 209 Times was the only news agency in the court room today covering one of the biggest scandals in the Central Valley. None of the mainstream news agencies like the Record, HBO, and ABC 10 who were promoting Samuel “Sammy” Nunez as a “community leader” over the years were present today. Wonder why.

In department 7B testimony was given by witnesses and evidence was presented in a preliminary hearing.

Michael Tubbs’s right hand man Sammy Nunez showed up looking dejected with his hair grown out as he sat in his chair writing notes with his head down shaking it from side to side. During testimony from a victim that’s his own blood, he even cried as his mother also sat in the court behind him.

Detective Mark Rangel from Manteca PD testified that the case was reported on 5/15/21 for Victim Jane D Doe.

Retired Police officer Eva Steele, also of Manteca PD, testified vía Zoom in Victim Jane A Doe’s case reported originally back in the year 2000.

The Judge stated the State has proven enough to charge Samuel Andres Nunez with the following:

Count 1: 288.5A Continuous sexual abuse (child under 14)
As to Jane D Doe DOB 1/1993

Oral copulation
Counts 2-5: 288A (child under 14)
As to Jane D Doe DOB 1/1993

Count 6: Penetration w/foreign object while drugged
As to Jane A Doe 10/1985
Dated April 2000 / reported 2002

Evidence was presented in court of Nunez stating to his own blood, “Sorry, I molested you!”

California Penal Code 288a describes the crime of oral copulation with a minor. … For instance, there are different types of oral copulation charges when the victim is under a certain age, intoxicated, unconscious, or if the crime was achieved using force.

The following elected officials and leaders who supported and promoted Nunez to the community despite warnings and have yet to make any public condemnation of their boy are:

-Former mayor Michael Tubbs
-State Senator Susan Eggman
-SUSD Trustee Angelann Flores
-former Councilmeman Jesus Andrade
-Community Foundation Director Moses Zapien
-Former superintendent John Deasy
-Millionaire Michael Spanos
-former police chief Eric Jones
-Stockton City Manger Harry Black

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