Stockton Cargo Soars

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Stockton Cargo Soars

STOCKTON- In the heart of the Port City, a symbol of athleticism and community spirit shines brightly: the Stockton Cargo women’s soccer team. Founded just a year ago, this dynamic team has already become a symbol of unity and pride for the city.

Led by the remarkable Alexis Brewah, a hometown hero and graduate of Bear Creek High School, the Stockton Cargo embodies the spirit of determination and excellence. Brewah’s journey from local talent to team leader serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes across the region.

Alongside Brewah, the team boasts seasoned professionals, including Yarri Arista, whose experience in Liga MX in Mexico adds an international flair to the squad. Their collective expertise and passion for the game fuel the team’s drive for success.

Despite being in only their second year, the Stockton Cargo has already left an indelible mark on the soccer scene. With a commendable record of 7-5 in their inaugural season, they narrowly missed the playoffs, showcasing their potential and determination to compete at the highest level.

On May 18th, at 7 pm, the Stockton Cargo invites the community to rally behind them as they face off against Marin FC at the University of the Pacific. It promises to be an electrifying match filled with thrilling plays and unwavering team spirit.
Competing in the USLW league, a national pre-professional soccer league, the Stockton Cargo faces formidable competition in the Norcal division. Renowned as the toughest division in the league, their journey is a testament to their resilience and dedication to the sport.

The team’s name, Stockton Cargo, pays homage to the city’s rich history and heritage. Inspired by the bustling port of Stockton, synonymous with the area’s identity, it represents the team’s connection to the community and their aspirations to carry the city’s legacy to new heights.

As the Stockton Cargo continues to soar, they invite the community to join them on their exhilarating journey. With each game, they demonstrate that with passion, perseverance, and teamwork, anything is possible. So, mark your calendars, Stockton, and let’s cheer on our hometown heroes as they chase their dreams on the soccer field!

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