Stockton City Manager Kurt Wilson Fired

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STOCKTON- The City Manager for the city of Stockton has been fired. Kurt Wilson was one of the highest paid administrators in the Central Valley making nearly $400,000 a year while reportedly living in Elk Grove. He was selected five years ago while working as Bob Deis’ assistant city manager as a back up choice after the person originally offered the job pulled out amidst controversy of then mayor Anthony Silva leaking his name before it was public. His tenure was marked by five years of failure with continued rising crime rates despite increased taxes on residents being passed promising more cops on the streets to make the city safer. Those cops were never all hired and the city is more dangerous now than when he begin.

Sources close to the matter tell us mayor Michael Tubbs was also looking for a scape goat amidst election season as none of his campaign promises have come to fruition. Wilson and Tubbs worked hand and hand however, with Wilson signing off on several expenditures of Tubbs using city funds for personal use like treating friends to $50 steak dinners and alcoholic drinks on the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Prior to their closed session when the city council would give their ratings on Wilson’s job performance, only two citizens, Kathleen Gapusan and Motecuzoma Sanchez, would speak out on Wilson asking the council to judge him based on the failing results.

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