Stockton Family Says Clark Pest Control Killed Their Dog

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STOCKTON- A family in north Stockton says they put in an order to have their home sprayed for pests this last Saturday July 11th. They were told by Clark Pest Control company to put their dog in a cage so their technician could access the backyard. When they returned home they found their dog dead in the cage. Not knowing what happened they reviewed the video which they say shows the technician spraying their dog. When reviewing the video the technician can be seen definitely spraying in close proximity to the dog although zooming in it’s hard to see where all the poison goes because of lighting. What they say is clear is that their dog was alive as can be seen and heard barking in the video and 45 minutes after the technician sprays near it, the dog is dead.

They report reaching out to Clark but receiving no answer.

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  1. That is just disgusting, ignorant, and sad that someone you let in YOUR home would do something like that to YOUR dog in YOUR property. That poor dog needs justice because although it’s an animal it’s a living and can feel pain as well and didn’t deserve to die with chemicals sprayed on him/her. Even if it was an accident and the wind blew the chemicals towards the dogs direction, it’s the technician duty as a “professional” to let the owners know the dog is in the way so that this wouldn’t have happened. For this incident that technician deserves to get sued.

    1. I totally agree!!! Unbelievable and that guy should do plenty of jail time ,lose his job, of course and pay restitution. Money won’t bring the dog back ,theres no replacing a family member , but punishment for that asshole might make the family feel alittle better. I cannot believe a “professional “ could do something so horrible. A person who abuses animals is just plain no damn good…

      1. Your a fucking retard I’ve been a pest control professional for years and have had dogs runs right through my spray by accident because owners like you are fucking idiots and the animal doesn’t and never got sick that dog could have died of heat stroke you jackass!!!

        1. While I’m sorry to read about the loss of your pet, I truly believe it died from another cause. I hate to say this, but I’ve seen dogs get on insecticide that was wet, or even run into pesticides intentionally thinking it was a game, and the pets never as much as showed the first symptom. I’m betting like the other person said, heat stroke, or even an underlying heart condition. I doubt anyone will know which of those other things caused it without an autopsy but I feel very sure it wasn’t a pesticide. For disclosure I do not work for the company you hired nor do I have any thing to gain from sharing my opinion except to uphold that most insecticides when used even fairly reasonably would not do this. Just assuming the pest control guy caused that would be like me assuming lightning killed my 14 year old poodle because we placed her in her indoor kennel the night of a bad storm… she sadly passed of natural causes.

          1. So why the fuck did he spray the dog? Do you have data, proof, the weather that day? Bullshit.

        2. Exactly! My brother is friends with the guy. The truth is the owners left the dog out in the heat. It died from heat exhaustion.

        3. Shut the fuck up! And how did the dog suddenly die right after, by coincidence you dumb fuck? Who the fuck are you anyway? Some lonely failed pest control specialist.

          Fuuuuuucxxxkkkkkk offfffff.

          1. It’s called Common sense, you do not leave a dog outside in a cage with no where to go in 90%+ weather. It’s that simple. Why wasn’t the dog Kenneled in the house away from the heat? Stockton is hot in July.. Those people are trying to make a quick buck by saying the pest control killed the dog.

    2. You are an idiot. Before you start blaming a person how about you do some research. He was using Talstar. A dog could drink half a gallon of that a barely get sick let alone die. But let’s put him in jail!! Moron.

    1. I was kinda thinking the same ! There is a lot of stuff out there u would need to clean before using I also was wondering why u just didn’t put ur dog inside it’s been very hot lately! With having a cage it would have been much safer ! I’m sorry for ur loss

    1. You can clearly see the spray going on the other side of the bush and not the dog! Pest control is meant to kill small bugs, it would take lots of spray to kill a dog of that size. Lab work on the dog will clear that up real quick and the real reason why the dog died will be exposed.

  2. 2 things wrong with this scenario: why would you leave your dog so close to the house where YOU KNOW poison is going to be sprayed, secondly why the **** would you leave your dog with breathing problems (dog clearly Is a flat-faced breed) outside in temperature well over 100 degrees. Seriously some people should not own these precious little creatures. It breaks my heart that this could have easily been prevented by placing the poor victim’s crate inside the house. Condolences to the family.

  3. I’d bet the dog overheated in the full sun. Need to do a necropsy to tell for sure. But I doubt the guy sprayed the dog.

  4. This is crazy! First of all, the homeowner didn’t even prepare the yard! Baby walker, toys, chairs, debris everywhere…etc. left out all over the yard. Secondly, the poor dog was in a small cage with no soft padding at the bottom, in the sun. Lastly, Mr. Clark Dude got some over spray on the dog at the very least. This was just crap all the way around.

  5. That man did not spray that dog, its was 100 degrees outside and the home owner/renter did not clear the yard nor did they protect their dog from the heat or poison!!! Terrible to be so neglectful then blame the pest control… smh

  6. He clearly sprayed the dog. There is absolutely NO WAY a dog barking that much goes dead silent like that, without something scaring the crap out of them, or a sudden physical ailment….but left to their own self-coping methods, the dog would GRADUALLY stop barking, not all of a sudden….and then the dog starts to sway towards the end and around the 39s mark, it appears like the dog was shaking its head trying to get their bearings or shake off something….I would definitely sue! I’ve already had bad experiences with them when I was a kid and watched one of them kick my dog so hard her eye popped out, and she later died, and he had the nerve to tell my mom that my brother and I had done it smfh THANK GOD my mom already knew because she had suspected our regular clark guy was hurting our animals, and she ended the service contract that very same day….that poor pup 🙁

    1. No. There is no pesticide on the market that would kill a dog or any other mammal for that matter. Pesticides are designed to work the biological makeup of an insect. Leaving their dog in a small metal cage in extreme heat seems like a more likely cause.

    2. You can clearly see that dog wasn’t sprayed. Dog isn’t swaying and video doesn’t show the dog having any issues. Probably overheated in the sun.

  7. I use to work for the company and you can clearly see he did not spray the dog directly . And yes He shouldn’t of sprayed near the dog Like he did in the video. Also he wasn’t wearing any PPE.

  8. It was 100 degrees outside and the dog was locked in a black cage without water. The dog was already agitated so had it’s heart rate up… add dehydration onto that and you get a dead dog… lock the dog up inside in the air conditioning next time, morons

  9. If you look closely you can see the sun hit the spray, he’s spraying a window and the roof at an upward angle not down at the dog. I don’t know why they didn’t tell you to put your dog away but spraying heavy chemicals like that 2 feet away from your dog should be common sense. Can’t blame him for doing his job, blame yourself for being a bad owner.

  10. There is no way this man killed that dog. You can even see him place his hand on the cage to console this pup. he was very cautious not to spray the dog as well. His major mistake here was treating. He should have walked the property and either moved everything out of the way, or just left. Pets out, always leave. But, he did not kill this dog. The owner should have had the dog in the house, period.

  11. As a licensed commercial applicator, associate certified entomologist and dog lover, I can point out several reasons why these customers are wrong. First off, the chemicals used for pest control in the state of California have extremely low toxicity to mammals. It also appears that the technician is spraying NEAR the dog, but I don’t believe he was spraying the dog directly. He may have been spraying too close to the dog’s water in terms of the law per the department of agriculture, however this also wouldn’t have killed the dog. The dog is also barking the entire time and never appears to be reacting to being sprayed. The dog also should not be crated outdoors, as the dog would not be able to move into shade to keep cool and its death may be the result of heat exposure. The final and most troubling issue is the leash and collar hanging from the crate. I live in a small apartment, so my dog is crate trained, rule number 1 for safely crating your dog is to remove their collar and leash ( not sure why there would be a leash) so they don’t get hung up and hang themselves. I’m the image of the deceased pup, you can see the leash is tied to the crate, and both the leash and collar can be seen obviously hanging into the crate. This would lead me to believe that this dog was still wearing a collar, and was in fact tied to the crate via the leash. Unfortunately, it would appear that these customers were more than likely responsible for their pet’s death. It isn’t always the fault of the technician.

  12. Wow so sad the dog Stop barking as soon as he sprayed over him because he knew it was poison. The dog knew that is was bad. But why was that dog not inside? It’s to hot in Stockton. 🙏🏽 All dogs go to heaven

  13. That pesticide did not kill that dog, ridiculous uninformed public….There is nothing on the commercial market that is sprayed by pest control professionals that would kill a large mammal, not even a rat. Pesticides are engineered to affect insects which breathe through spiracles in their abdomens, and the amount of active ingredient (LD50) that is applied for the body weight of an insect would not even kill a rat, that is why rodent control is not spraying! Homeowner upset, understood, but try looking in the mirror penning up a breed that has difficulty breathing already, and in high heat? Get real with yourself and leave the poor guy alone who was trying to just do your service

  14. What kind of disgusting people leave a flat faced dog in that heat. They killed that dog, not the pest control guy. Someone is hoping for payout for their own mistakes.

  15. My brother is friends with the guy. The truth is the owners left the dog out in the heat. It died from heat exhaustion. Getting sprayed wouldnt have killed the dog especially in that short of time.

  16. It was 102 degrees on that saturday… if the pest guy was knowingly coming why wasnt the dog put in the house? It doesnt look like the pest guy sprayed the dog. The home owners should get sued for neglect and animal abuse!!

  17. That technician is a murderer. With no heart. I can’t imagine how this poor family felt watching their dog get sprayed on camera. And have to live with this mental visual trauma. I’m so sorry for the family.

  18. Frenchie, 89 degrees, barkings like mad, that dog died of heat exhaustion, anyone that knows about frienches knows you dont leave then outside unsupervised…..

  19. I have been doing pest control for 25 years. I admit the pest control tech was very wrong in treating anywhere near the dog. He should have done a walk of the property and pulled every thing away from the house so no toys, equipment, and other property is accidentally treated. He should’ve told the owner of the property to put the dog inside. The customer shouldn’t have put the dog in a crate in the direct sun. There is no chemical manufactured that could kill the dog in that amount of time. Unless the dog drinks a pure bowl full of cyanide. For all the animal lovers out there. It’s unfortunate that the dog died. Before you post some stupid comment on this feed. Do your research. Don’t be a ignorant fool.

  20. Did anyone notice the dog was stiff? The body was tight, unless my vision is that bad. All four legs are sticking straight out in a stiffened fashion. The dog’s body is not relaxed and dead, but stiff and dead. It wouldn’t surprise me if the dog seized. The question is why his body would lock up like that, and heat can cause seizures and seizures causes the muscles to lock up.

    The burden of proof is on the family, and it’s by the prepondurance of evidence. Basically, they have to provide the MOST evidence in their favor and the video is not enough. A necropsy (autopsy for animals) needs to be performed. This will determine everything…or possibly nothing. Again, homeowners must prove negligence from Clark’s Pest Control.

  21. Poison is NEVER a good idea, it has unintended victims. First off, the dog’s family should NEVER have left the dog alone while poison was being sprayed (horrible) and secondly, the pest control company is at fault here for letting this happen on their watch. BOOOO! Don’t use poison.

  22. HERE IS SOMETHING NOBODY HAS MENTIONED: All you caring pet owners. You know the pet lovers that make sure their dog doesn’t get fleas and ticks…What do you think is in that little plastic bottle that you apply to the back of your dog’s neck every few months. Read the Label! Yes thait’s concentrates pesticide that absorbs into your dog’s blood stream through dermal exposure. The active ingredient is usually Fipronil. Go check the box!!! So in regards to this the dog, it would have to drink a bowl of chemical before it got sick. Pest control chemicals are typically Caution Label and targeted to kill only the pest. Dog and cat owners buy pesticide and put it on their animals consistently and for someone to think a state licensed field Rep would hose down a dog is insane….it’s obvious this dog probably was in direct sunlight bouncing around and barking frantically wore itself out and then passed out due to heat exhaustion. It tends to hit instantly, the guy spraying probably wasn’t even paying attentionto the dog he deals with the same damn barking ass dogs on half his daily route. He is numb to the barking. His biggest concern is finishing his route due to heat exhaustion those guys suffer with the uniforms and gear. Naughty boy should have his respirator on… Clark Policy! I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. Never heard of dog getting killed from the shitty chemicals that California’s EPA allows to be sprayed.

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