Stockton Man Claims He Was Nearly Beaten To Death By Officers In Racially Motivated Jail Attack

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STOCKTON- Jacob Servin, in a post on Instagram, says he was almost killed by three Stockton police officers in a racially motivated attack and brutal beating. We have interviewed him and are also reaching out to Sheriff Pat Withrow. We’ve so far been able to establish that it was not Stockton Police, but rather San Joaquin County Jail Correctional Officers who allegedly did this to him while in custody at the county jail. The last photo is reportedly his booking photo, which shows no such damage meaning it would have had to happen in the jail after booking as he claims. He was taken in shortly after midnight after a fight broke out at Basils Bar near the Hilton in north Stockton. Such a beating while in custody is highly unusual so if all facts check out we anticipate there will be more actions taken including legal. According to Servin the attack was a reaction of three white officers who he says he was making smart remarks to, “ but nothing to deserve almost being killed”. We are working on getting the full story and will update as soon as we can.

Booking Photo

UPDATE: Statement from Sheriff‘s Office

“The Administrative Review process has started and this is an active investigation.
We did receive Mr. Servin from SPD with no apparent visible injuries on 12/2/19. I have contacted Jail Administration and received info that Mr. Servin was combative during the booking process…At this time I do not have access to reports or video.”

-Deputy Andrea Lopez, Public Information Officer San Joaquin County Sheriff

UPDATE: Statement from SPD

“On December 1, 2019, around 11:00 pm, Stockton police officers arrested Jacob Angelo Servin, 29, for being drunk in public near Basil’s in the 2300 block of Grand Canal Blvd. Servin was transported to the San Joaquin County Jail with no apparent visible injuries and turned over to custody officers.” – Joseph Silva, Public Information Officer

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  1. This isn’t uncommon I seen 4 sheriff officers beat a mentally disabled kid in booking the boy was doing nothing wrong but standing up he was very confused as to his whereabouts and why he was there they forcefully put him in a holding cell and began to beast him all you could hear was this kid screaming as a matter of a fact they did same thing same night to another kid. The boy wasn’t being disruptive or loud or anything he was merely standing looking very confused. These cops do whatever they want and get away with it it made me so upset I had to put my hand over my ears I felt for this kid but knew if I said anything I would be probably in danger shoes as him something needs be done.

  2. When I see things like this what do you say
    But I’m so sorry theses 3 correctional officers For some reason none of us know at the time
    But NOTHING BUT BRING A PEDOPHILE Deserves this beating

  3. They just did the same thing to my nephew Louis montavio they blacked both his eyes and broke his nose cause he was talking we are grown ass men we can talk is this jail or a concentration camp….

  4. He “claims” huh? ahhh nothing like racist writers HAVING to write a sympathetic piece about a Brown guy attacked by badged feral gangsters with billion dollar protector.

    So sick of the societal racism oozing from the entitled #Europeansquatteroffspring.

    Need better, non passive racist journos! #Timetobebetter


    Robin hamm
    human rights

  5. Corrupt cops need to go. People have been reporting this for years. We have had enough of the physical damage that sadistic cops are dishing out. It is time to start arresting cops who think they can do this to a person and get away with it. Their time is over. I saw the video and he was fine when he walked into the jail and came out of the holding cell looking like this!!! There was one of him and three of them. Bullying and beating of citizens can and will no longer be tolerated. Fire those cops now!

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