Stockton Sees Nearly 30% Average Rent Increase, Worst In The Nation

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STOCKTON- A wise man once said, “these rent prices are too damn high”! Imagine what he would have said if he lived in Stockton where according to a national survey by, prices have had the greatest rate of rent increases in the nation. According to their report:

“Stockton, CA, tops this list, with rent growth of 28.4 percent since September 2014. For comparison, our national rent index grew by just 11.4 percent over this period. Stockton sits on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay area, and also ranked number one in our report on the metros with the highest shares of “super commuters” who travel more than 90 minutes each way to work. Three California cities make the top 10 for rent growth over the past five years, speaking to the ongoing affordability crisis that continues to plague the state.


Adding to this conundrum, homelessness has exploded by over 200% in just the last three years as the city’s mayor Michael Tubbs has been mostly absent in addressing the issues as he travels the country promoting himself and his false accounts of how much he’s helped Stockton.

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  1. How does one report. My property manager gave me option to move or pay rent increase by $300. I could find any place cheaper so
    I stayed. $1,925 now

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