Stockton’s Vice Mayor Calls Out Sol Jobrack To Resign As Chair of Homeless Committee 

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Stockton’s Vice Mayor Calls Out Sol Jobrack To Resign As Chair of Homeless Committee

Stockton Vice-Mayor Christina Fugazi is calling for City Councilman Sol Jobrack to resign as the Chairman of the Homeless Committee. The Committee which is scheduled to meet once a month, is tasked with Streamlining policies, and housing solutions to keep the many homeless encampments from popping up in public spaces and within neighborhoods.
Vice-Mayor Fugazi Says “Our committee work Is vital in making actual impacts in our community. As a council, we have many city issues to deal with, but at the committee level, this is specific to one major issue that plagues our city. Homelessness! I feel strongly that City Councilmember Sol Jobrack is neglecting his duties and should resign as the Chair of the Homeless Committee”.”
City records show since Councilman Jobrack’s appointment as Chair of the Homelessness Committee in January of 2022, the committee has only met one time all year. Which may explain why there has been a visible uptick in homeless camps throughout Stockton but specifically in Spanos Park, Creekside, and the Morada communities that Jobrack represents.

Mostly non visible in the time he’s been on the city council for the last four years, it appears he’s now joined the ranks of political adults exploiting a minor and recruited the help of “Defund SUSD police” proponent David Sengthay to try to drum of support and to talk about “security” in the city.

Only 8 people showed up to meeting in triple digit heat, which was previously canceled several times for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile a transient was filmed setting a fire in broad daylight on a busy street in Jobrack’s Council District.
Councilman Sol Jobrack is running for Re-electtion in North Stockton against Professional Educator Michele Padilla.The vote will be held on November 8th as residents of north Stockton get a change to get a new city councilmember who actually does their job.

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