SUSD Claims “There Was No Chase”: Questions Remain Concerning Drowned Student

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SUSD claims “there was no chase”. Numerous questions remain.

Whistleblowers have told 209 Times that while SUSD Police’s decision to pursue masked assailants was entirely appropriate, Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez’s willful decision to falsely claim “there was no chase” prior to a student drowning is not only highly inaccurate , but also very concerning.

An SUSD police officer speaking on condition of anonymity has told 209 Times that, “since a juvenile drowned while attempting to flee the scene, there is some level of district liability, even though the officers did everything correctly. A multiagency protocol should have been initiated immediately, even if just for transparency purposes. Instead Dr. Rodriguez knowingly lied to try to stop the inevitable lawsuits. Rodriguez was already warned repeatedly that Stagg has massive security flaws, but she’s chosen to ignore them.”

According to SUSD Police Chief Mayra Franco: “We invoked protocol with the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office thus we are unable to release any information as doing so would interfere with their investigation. Notification regarding protocol was made to the District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday, March 13, 2024 and Investigation was initiated on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 upon recovery of the juvenile.”

Meanwhile the following questions remain unanswered:

1.  Why did Superintendent Rodriguez falsely claim that “there was no chase”, considering two masked assailants just attacked a student? 

2.  How much evidence may have been altered or destroyed during the six day period before outside law enforcement was finally included in the investigation? 

3.  Why do SUSD “Emergency Site Incident Reports” obtained by 209’Times claim a timeline of events that doesn’t match known facts or even each other? 

4.  Why has Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez, President Kennetha Stevens, Former President Angelann Flores, Secretary Sofia Colon, and Trustee Donald Donair repeatedly failed to address grave safety concerns at Stagg High? 

5.  Why has SUSD prioritized rap music workshops and a million dollar Las Vegas parties over ensuring student and staff safety? 

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