SUSD Employees File Complaints on CSEA Union Staffer Carl Walters

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STOCKTON- 209 Times has spoken with several employees of the largest school district in Stockton who say the new union staff sent by CSEA union leadership in San Jose is crossing boundaries.

They details instances of intimidation by a white staff member with an arrest record, and an attempt to foster disrespect towards the Chicano and ethnic leadership of SUSD which is made up of 70% Mexican students.

One courageous employee, Eduardo Orozco, was willing to go on record with a statement:

“To begin with, when Carl first introduced himself at our chapter meeting, he made remarks about our district such as….saying that people only work for Stockton Unified because their children go to our schools and that no one really wants to work at SUSD. I can say that as an employee with no children, this is not the reason why I work for the district. When Mr. Walter made these comments, he made them with aggression as if he really disliked the district for some reason. It seemed like he had nothing but negative things to say about our school district.
On another occasion, during a meeting with the director of food services, Mr. Walter again would down talk the district aggressively and when I tried to give my opinion, he cut me short and glared at me with an intimidating stare. Intimidated, I just said. ‘I’m sorry’ And remained quiet.
I have heard other instances when Carl has intimidated other members of CSEA and also has made made indirect treats to employees of the district. All of these things concern me because as a leader who is supposed to be representing me, I feel scared to approach him with issues and I also feel that if I challenge Carl in any way could put my life at risk.
I say that I fear for my life because I have seen a post on social media from an account belonging to Mr. Walter with a picture of an AK rifle and the caption was rather disturbing, reading “Today I didn’t have to use my AK”… If this is the way that a person thinks, how can I be comfortable disagreeing with them? I almost feel as if Mr. Walter is using mafia tactics in his work”.

UPDATE: Carl Walters no longer works for CSEA. Also we inaccurately reported he had a criminal record. He only has an arrest record, when he was the only person in a large gathering to be arrested, which we’ll post the evidence of. We’ve corrected that statement at his request. He disputes all claims by Orozco.

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