SUSD Leadership and Headquarters Raided With Search Warrants

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BREAKING: SUSD Leadership and Headquarters Raided With Search Warrants

After receiving several tips from multiple sources inside Stockton Unified School District, 209 Times has CONFIRMED with law enforcement that search warrants were served on SUSD this morning:

“Today, Tuesday, November 14th, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant at several locations, including private residences in Stockton and portions of the Stockton Unified School District Office. First, we would like to assure the community that, based on our thorough investigation surrounding this case, the students, faculty, nor the community are in any known danger. We would also like to make it clear that discreet steps were taken to independently develop probable cause before presenting to a judge. It is our goal and responsibility to thoroughly investigate this matter without tarnishing anyone’s reputation. To ensure this and due to the ongoing investigation, we currently cannot comment on this matter at this time except to make clear that this has been a San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office independent investigation. All other key justice partners have been informed.

Heather Brent
Public Information Officer”

It is unsure what the nature of the search warrants are for at this time, but board president Angelann Flores has already publicly been exposed for stealing public funds from the district via a government credit card that has since been revoked. In addition to that, we have reported on several issues regarding Flores including being reported for an inappropriate relationship with a minor, David Sengthay, while he was student, and taking her close friend Sammy Nunez to elementary schools despite being a violent convicted felon who has since been convicted of molesting and raping young children in his care.

The theft of public funds has not only been documented by SUSD, but it has been reported to past and current superintendents including Michelle Rodriguez who has done nothing, giving the impression that she is trying to cover for crimes committed on her watch.

We called Angelann , but her phones are off. We’ve also reached out to SUSD for a statement. This is a developing story.

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