SUSD Student Attacks Teacher, Sends Her to Hospital

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STOCKTON- A teacher at John Adams Elementary was attacked by a student on Tuesday January 30th. As usual, incompetent Stockton Unified School District Trustees and Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez (last name by marriage), have failed to even address the issues to the staff, board of education, or public.

209 Times has obtained video of the savage attack that left Natalie Martinez with a concussion, sprained wrist, and broken finger nails as well as several bruises. Martinez was sent to the emergency room in an ambulance and when her own mother showed up to the school to check on her, John Adams staff didn’t even know where she was according to a report by CBS13.

Martinez was substitute teaching as a student teacher working on her degree in education at University of the Pacific. According to her statements to CBS 13, the student who is only 13 years old, threatened to kill her on Monday January 29th. SUSD confirms that the student was suspended that day, but allowed back into the classroom the very next day on Tuesday. That’s when the attack happened outside of the classroom as other students cheered on the attack.

Despite one of their own teachers literally being sent to the emergency room, SUSD Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez made no mention of it at the board meeting the same day. It was apparently so unimportant to her that she didn’t even send out a notice to parents or other teachers and staff or even the trustees who are supposed to supervise her job performance. This is not the first time such incompetence has been called into question regarding the abilities and job performance of Michelle Rodriguez who was hired by SUSD for political reasons by the Fritz Grupe and Don Shalvey controlled board of trustees. Rodriguez was hired despite currently facing a lawsuit at her previous district accusing her of negligence that led to the murder of a student on campus. be propaganda says “Let’s Talk”, but she never has answers.

SUSD board president Kennetha Stevens who is the trustee for the area that includes Adams Elementary has also failed to make any statements or give any answers whatsoever.

It’s no surprise since she lacks education herself and according to sources currently isn’t even employed just like her parter in crime Angelann Flores who is under investigation for theft of money from the district and recently had her residence raided by the Sheriff’s Office.

After the story was released to the public by the media two days later, then Rodriguez sent out a severely understated statement, downplaying the severity of the incident.

Martinez now says she isn’t sure she wants to be a teacher at all anymore. It is doubtful that the Stockton Teachers Association teachers’ union will do any either. Their leadership seems to be only concerned with their own advancement like their previous president , Felice Bryson-Perez, who resigned as a teacher and was given a high paying job for which she has no qualifications for, after using STA to help the Grupe endorsed candidates get elected and take control of the board of trustees.

SUSD continues to fail and students, teachers, and staff continue to be put in literal danger.

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