Suspect Arrested After Running Man Over Twice With Car At Supermarket

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STOCKTON- Yesterday around 3:30pm a man was killed with a vehicle in the parking lot of Food Source on Hammer Lane. According to eyewitnesses, the victim identified as 45 year old Rodney Hu the owner of Rodney Hu Goju Karate, got into a heated argument inside the store when the suspect identified as 34 year old Dontae Wilburn exited the store. When Hu and his wife went outside, Wilburn allegedly drove around the parking lot slowly doubling back into the lane where Hu and his wife were standing with their baskets.

What happened next has conflicting accounts. According to all witnesses Hu was seen standing in front of Wilburn’s SUV as his wife was attempting to pull him away. Wilburn then accelerated knocking Hu on top of his hood as his wife was knocked to the ground by the shopping cart that was hit. As Wilburn drove several yards down the parking lane he hit the breaks causing Hu to fly off the hood onto the ground feet away from the store entrance. At this point Wilburn accelerated again running Hu over. What differs in eye witness accounts is that some say Wilburn backed over Hu in reverse after running him over the fires time, then accelerated forward again running him over twice.

Wilburn booking photo.

First responders performed CPR on Hu and transported him to the hospital but he did not survive his injuries. While the police department did not report it, other sources say Wilburn was arrested nearby after crashing into another car on Kelly Drive. He was booked into the county jail on homicide charges.

Rodney Hu was a well known member IG the community who touched a lot of people and children through his karate school. Many of his friends have expressed their disbelief and condolences on social media.

Hu instructing students at his school.

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