Video: Mayor Tubbs Caught Again Campaigning Out Of State For Bloomberg

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A day before the primary election in which Stockton’s absentee mayor is seeking re-election, another video emerges of Tubbs once again ima another city of another state working for former New York mayor and racist billionaire, Michael Bloomberg. Tubbs has divided his duties as Stockton’s mayor to work for Bloomberg as a national co chair for his presidential campaign. Advocates say such a move puts him in conflict with the City Charter that prescribes the mayor must devote their full time to the position. This video is of him campaigning in New Orleans during business hours when city hall is open. Meanwhile Stockton’s violent crime overall continues to rise every year he’s been mayor and the homeless crisis that’s increased 200% since he got elected in 2017 plagues the city he was elected to serve. #Stockton

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  1. When is our D.A. going to get off her ass and do something about the boy blunder the self proclaimed chosen one and do a investigation against him. We need a D.A. with ball enough to stand up and take charge

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