VIDEO: Residents Ask “Where’s Mayor Tubbs?” As Homelessness On Stockton’s Waterways Grows Outta Control

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STOCKTON- As the condition of homelessness in Stockton and its water ways seems to be getting worse and worse, residents like Adam Farrow are documenting and sharing their concerns. He’s also asking, “where’s Mayor Tubbs?”. Homelessness has gotten measurable worse on Michael Tubbs’ watch despite both he and his Homeless Task Force counter part and political ally County Supervisor Kathy Miller continuously bragging about getting up to $38,000,000 for the problem. While Farrow is asking “where’s Mayor Tubbs” many others are asking “where’s the money”?!

Video: Adam Farrow

This video was filmed near I-5 and Country Club Boulevard. Residents are also concerned that the homeless camping along the waterways is polluting the waterways, but also damaging the infrastructure of the levies.

Just last year Tubbs and Miller held a press conference patting themselves on the back. However, other than hiring a six figure salaried friend of theirs to be the new “homeless czar”, residents claim not much has changed. Instead it’s gotten worse.

Photo: Michael Tubbs

Press conference of Tubbs and Miller announcing $4 million in additional funding. Video: Mayor Tubbs

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  1. I asked Mayor Tubbs also tnis passed summer, what is going on with homeless people and I told he its aloy of mental illness amd drug addiction. And all hr said we are working on it. So far nothing has been done. The population growing even bigger the last 2 years amd trashed city.

  2. Not only on the water ways. From Wilson Way canal all the way to Eldorado Street and further. It is filled with homeless people. There are some living behind a no trespassing sign on Martin Lither King Blvd.,across from the Diamond Walnut plant. It is so out of hand, it smells bad and it does ‘t look like anything is being done. Stockton looks terrible!

    1. I think the City should get more strict and start enforcing the law and start arresting the homeless when they are in a No trespassing area also I thought it was stealing when you take and push around a grocery cart that was not given to you and belongs to a Business? Maybe if the City would give the police department the ok and start enforcing the law this City would not look so attractive to the homeless and not want to stay in this accommodating town catering to the homeless

  3. As long as we subsidize the homeless the problem will increase. We need to offer services only to those who will participate in programs to get them back to where they can function in society. Homeless should be in programs to help their individual issue: mental health, substance abuse or what ever, however if you are homeless and not seriously participating in a program you should not be given any funds or housing.

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