Violence Breaks Out At SEIU Picket In Downtown Stockton

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STOCKTON- As county workers and nurses go on strike for two days neighing this morning, an SEIU 1021 union members and a security guard at the San Joaquin County headquarters on Webber Ave get into a physical confrontation with several strikes being exchanged until The unidentified union member is knocked to the ground.

Video posted on Stockton WTF Moments Facebook Page by Chris Banuelos

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  1. Man, it’s that lady fault she got smacked smh, shouldn’t have tried and get in the middle, see what happens when you try and be a hero. I 100 percent defend the security guard, get got smacked twice so he straight knocked honkey man down

  2. You see you haven’t even gotten the whole story. What the video doesn’t show is the person when is knocked on the ground is not apart of the union at all he was a private citizen walking into a public place. The security guard had forced him out side than put his hand around his neck

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