Woman Asks DA to Re-Open Investigation Into Brando Villapudua for Child Molestation

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Woman Asks DA to Re-Open Investigation Into Brando Villapudua for Child Molestation

STOCKTON- The relative of Brando Villapudua who says he sexually molested her as a young child is asking law enforcement to re-open the case. The alleged victim, who is an adult now, also provided photographs of herself at the age that the alleged abuse occurred by Brando who was an adult at the time. She wished to remain unnamed in the public eye, but identified herself as “A” along with the case number 11-003535, which was investigated by Lodi Police in 2011 when she was 15 and came forward. She alleges the abuse occurred continuously when she was between 5 and 7 years old.

We broke the story months ago, providing a redacted copy of the investigation that Lodi PD has since confirmed was a real investigation. In his only public statement, Brando bizarrely offered a document from Stockton PD stating they never investigated him…knowing it was Lodi PD that did.

The woman is basing her request on the original investigation she believes was botched by Lodi PD and influenced by Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua who is also her relative and Brando’s older brother. Carlos was an elected official at the time and the investigation shows that the he was allowed to meet with detective while Brando was being investigated despite having no involvement in the case.

Law enforcement recently made a statement to the media that the case wasn’t pursued because of a “lack of corroborating witnesses”. The alleged victim is stating that is because Lodi PD made no effort to interview others who lived in the apartment including Brando and Carlos’ parents who were being trusted with babysitting her when Brando allegedly repeatedly abused her in his bedroom. She also states her mother wasn’t interviewed despite the fact that Brando and Carlos based their defense of the accusations against Brando on claims that the girl’s mother was “psycho” and wanted to harm Carlos’ re-election campaign. But the mother wasn’t the one making the allegations and Carlos was never even mentioned.

We have included the photos of the girl with her permission along with her email sent out today to several officials.

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