Xochitl Paderes Terminated as District Director for Carlos Villapudua

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Xochitl Paderes Terminated as District Director for Carlos Villapudua

After several messages to both Assemblymember Carlos Villapudua and his spokesman Lee Neves went unanswered, 209 Times was forced to request public records to confirm rumors that Xochitl Paderes was terminated as District Director for Villapudua’s Stockton office. We have now received confirmation from the State Assembly Rules Committee that Paderes was terminated on August 31st after being placed on paid leave for undisclosed reasons since June.

The announcement comes shortly after Paderes was exposed for helping file false accusations against Motecuzoma Sanchez on behalf of Carlos’ brother Brando Villapudua in a failed attempt to obtain a restraining order, somehow thinking that would stop 209 Times from being able to report on the Stockton City Councilmember whom Sánchez recruited and managed his city council campaign for. The two conspirators were so disorganized, they couldn’t get basic facts correct like the name and location of Brando’s son’s elementary school they claimed Sanchez was “stalking” him at despite the fact Sanchez’s own son was in the same class.

Paderes was also reported for felony embezzlement of thousands of dollars from Sanchez. It was later discovered that she had established a fraudulent “Lathrop Chamber of Commerce” for which the City of Lathrop reported to the California Attorney General for investigation.

Since our investigation into Xochitl Padres bagan, it was also discovered that her name is tied to dozens of businesses that she is either the CEO of or Agent of Service. We spoke to one buisness owner who had no idea she was the Agent of Service receiving all of the business mail as he had never asked her to do so.

We also spoke to several others who allege that she has issues with money related to Veteran organizations in Stockton and Tracy. Paderes herself is a Veteran.

At least one person did provide us documentation showing she established a “Karl Ross Post 16 Charities”, which is currently suspended after raising $48,000. The problem is that the real American Legion Karl Ross Post 16 is already a charity, established since 1938.

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