Body Found in Tracy Identified as Fremont Woman

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TRACY- On January 5, 2024 a body was found along Chrisman Rd and Durham Ferry Rd. We have confirmed with San Joaquin Medical Examiner that suspected homicide victims has been identified as Den’Nicia Rowe, 31 year old, of Fremont.

According to the Tracy Mountain Review Facebook page, her mother has posted a Gofundme fundraiser with the following details:

“Hi my name is Latonia and Im raising money for funeral expenses for my daughter…..grief counseling for myself and my remaining 3 children…and this money would allow me to take the necessary time from work I need to heel as Iam completely devastated. Den’Nicia was my first born child, and I am hurt beyond any words that I could write.

I would appreciate any help. It will be a long road for me as I was on the phone with my child when this evil person took her life. My life will never be the same and I am asking for your support in anyway you can. Thank you

When Den’Nicia was 29 she developed paranoia schizophrenia. The type of schizophrenia she had caused her to always believe she was going to die. So she never felt safe anywhere. She had medical intervention but would often refuse to take her medication. Den’Nicia was in denial of her diagnosis. Because of this fear of dying and not being safe she was always running off from her home with me or her boyfriend trying to find a safe place. In her search for a safe place on 1/4/24 she made a fatal mistake.

On 1/4/24 my 31 year old daughter thought she was going to a safe place. But there was a scumbag on the internet who knew my baby had mental health issues and used her mental illness against her. He lured Den’Nicia to her death by telling her he had a room for her to rent where she would be safe.”

No additional details have been provided by law enforcement at this time.

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