Employees Report More Cases of COVID-19 at Safeway Distribution Center

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TRACY- Sources inside the distribution are reporting even more cases today of coworkers in the Frozen and Variety Departments at Safeway’s distribution center being diagnosed or sent home today with symptoms. The Produce department where several workers were already confirmed, was taped off today. Workers are on edge especially after yesterday’s confirmation by Safeway management that in fact employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Although Safeway did not publicly disclose the number of workers, our sources tell us it was 9 yesterday and several more today. They mentioned that they believe even more are infected but continuing to work for fear of losing pay.

In addition to those who are out sick, many more are refusing to go to work prompting the company to bring workers from other warehouses like US Foods and Sysco. They are also pulling assistant managers from the retail grocery stores to work at the warehouse. We have not been able to reach Safeway to confirm the claims, however our sources who work inside the distribution center believe there may be up to 50 people including management, infected with coronavirus at the distribution center, many of whom have not been diagnosed or seen a doctor, but are displaying symptoms.

Safeway announced in their public statement that they are implementing temperature taking, but sources also disclose there is a gap in time between when workers arrive and when they are being tested.

County wide these are the numbers as of today that are confirmed in the Central Valley. Also teamsters local 439 union that represents the workers have not made any public statements to our knowledge about what is being done to ensure the safety of the workers they represent.

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  1. This is just a symptom of a much larger problem at the Safeway DC in Tracy. If people only knew what we have to endure on a daily basis there they would be shocked. I’ve been ready to put it all out there for a while now. Somebody contact me. I have put a huge target on my back because I’ve been speaking up, especially because our union has as of late either been inept in their ability to protect us or has been for unknown (but highly speculated upon by my fellow workers) reasons.

    1. I’m glad you’re taking that risk! Someone has to! I havnt heard anything at all from safeway durring this entire time. I have spoke with the union, but I called my rep a few days ago and havnt heard anything back. This is unfortunate because I’m running out of time and money. I cant wait for safeway to get it together for much longer, or I’ll be forced to go back to work where this situation is obviously becoming worse for employees every day. I have less than a week to figure it out.

    2. My friend just won a 12.6 million dollar lawsuit against Safeway/Albertsons. It took her almost 3 years. She was a district manager in the Seattle division. She won for retaliation.
      Document everything. Times, dates, conversations.
      P.s the contact email I listed is fake. I also know they will retaliate. Good luck!

    3. I went for a interview and the workers were walking around like no big deal. They had no guidelines on the 6 feel rule. It was crazy I got the job but gladly rejected the position. Be safe Safeway employee even thou management ain’t pushing the issue you have to protect yourself…

  2. I know for a fact the DC is guaranteeing pay for anyone with Coronavirus. It’s not sick pay and it won’t come out of your PTO. Anyone who is sick should stay home and contact HR.

  3. That’s only if it turns out to be confirmed. I was put on a two week quarantine by my doctor early on but there were no tests at the time so I didn’t get paid. I went out because I had symptoms and wanted to keep those around me at work safe. Yesterday I didn’t pass the pre-shift medicals and was sent home because I was honest when I answered the questions. I have not heard back from HR yet. I was very reluctant to do so though because I just lost two weeks pay and I can’t afford to lose more if it turns out I’m not infected and I’m just sick with something else. I need to get tested today somehow. It took Safeway WAY too long to take steps to protect us and this is just how they operate. We have leaks in our roof that cause ice that many people have gotten hurt on and fire alarms that don’t work inside the meat department, I’ve gone to my supervisors and HR and nothing gets done. They are quick to put up all kinds of cameras to protect product when it goes missing but do little to protect their employees.

  4. No one likes a snitch, how about we stop snitch on stuff you dont know. They have not said a thing to us so you have no way of knowing how many confirmed cases there actualy are

  5. This story was obviously driven by the self serving unions. It has been WAY overblown. Here’s an idea, be thankful you have a job and get back to work. If the company fails then you won’t have a job. BE THANKFUL!

  6. Be thankful only one employee has died…..wtf. one of the first selector that tested positive passed away last night due to the virus. Safeway has done a lot to sanitize and keep our distance but took over a month to do.

  7. so your saying a person died and that’s way over blown wtf I’m pretty sure Pedros family thinks other wise my heart goes out to his family he was a really nice guy so how is it that safeways gonna help his family? I’m totally grateful to have a job but freakn supply safety shit to prevent this from happening again we just got masks yesterday in our store a freakn customer made us all some. kinda sad, All safeways worried about is money in there pockets. unfortunately we have no choice but to go to work we all have families to support with little money we do make please keep all safeway employees in your prayers we all could use them .eve you must work for Albertsons management team or even corp for your rude ass comment you made

  8. Yes Lisa I no longer work there due to retaliation from my superintendent it’s real HR is not there for the employee that’s for sure. So Employees must be careful what they say. I pray for all TEAMSTERS having to endure this , I loved my job there for over 30 years but not enough to die for it.

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