Photos: Last Day of 80 Yr Old Tracy School

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TRACY- Today marked the last day of classes held at the historic Central Elementary school in Tracy. Having celebrated it’s 80th birthday at the current location just last year it will now be demolished. Students will begin classes after spring break right next door in the new $34.2 million facility now facing Eaton Ave. This is not the first time Central Elementary has evolved. It’s original location was on Central Ave in 1912 and remained there until 1938. Here is one last look at the school grounds for alumni, residents and staff of a school that has educated so many children. Take one last trip down memory lane, demolition will begin soon.
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David Medina

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  1. No!! That is disgraceful! You do not get to destroy things and be that wasteful because it easier or you don’t feel like trying any harder. That building has remained standing Despite your neglect, nothing you can build today can compare. Have some respect and grow up Tracy!!

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