6 Years Later, Sheriff Moore is Cleared by District Attorney Verber-Salazar, but Still No “Final Report” on His Illegal Gun Sales

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By Frank Gayaldo

April 7, 2017

Sheriff Moore falls over himself praising Tori Verber Salazar’s March 28, 2017 letter that memorializes his criminal behavior that is in violation of 514 PC, (public embezzlement); 12028 (C) PC (public auction required when selling evidence guns); and 1090 GC (government employees can’t buy government property they sold, regardless of price). 

Moore even oddly praises the FBI who has never released a public comment on the matter. 

Maybe Tori simply does not understand the law because she graduated from one of the worst, never accredited and now defunct, law schools in the country

Moore says he won’t say anything further until Tori’s “final report” comes out. How convenient for an elected official who doesn’t want to say how much of a “substantial discount” he received on a $1,500 gun he most likely received for free. 

Six years, and still no “final report”. Is that how DA Tori plans to keep justifying refusing to answer where $100,000 of illegal gun money went? Why not tell the public just how big those “substantial discounts” were, and where the money from the illegal sale of Uzi’s and other guns against court order went? 

Meanwhile, thanks to GunGate II, another 950 law-abiding citizens are being deprived of their guns currently in the possession of the Sheriff, apparently so Moore can have another secret garage sale. 

We await that “final report”. 

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