After Visiting NY, París, Chicago- Mayor Tubbs Says Most People He Represents are Just Trolls.

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November 1, 2017

By RJ Durand

Stockton, CA – Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has been gone from the city that elected him 3 out of the last 4 weeks. From New York to a billionaire funded trip to Paris and now Chicago for an Obama Summit. He’s even missed council meetings, which is one of his only responsibilities as a ceremonial mayor as a result. He’s been so busy outside of Stockton, as mayor, that he has yet to give a statement on the rising crime rate including multiple recent homicides that has now exceeded the rate of last year.

He has yet to address the Stockton Police investigation into his possible involvement along with close associate Christopher Prado’s threats of violence towards a community leader for disagreeing with Tubbs’ proposed policies.

Nor has he condemned such threats of violence or the encouragement of said threats by his own mother Koco and campaign contributor and Stanford employee Tiq Chappa.

However, what he has found time to address are what his campaign consultant’s step father, Record opinionist, and unofficial publicist refers to as “trolls”.

He did make sure to make time to tweet out coverage about himself:

However, he also hasn’t had time to call back reporters from Fox 40 about the increasing homelessness and public trash build up that presents a threat to public health after ignoring their calls for answers. And this is despite tax payers footing the bill for him to hire his friend for a six figure salary to be his “public information officer”.

If only he could take his own advice.

Why a ceremonial mayor in a city run by a City Manager needs a PIO or to travel internationally to “tell Stockton’s story” or act as “policy maker” we don’t know. Maybe the trolls do.

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