Despite Being Caught In Major Lies, Moses Zapien Selected as CEO of Local Non Profit

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By Motecuzoma Sanchez

March 21,2017

Stockton- The old saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. 

Campaign flier exposing Moses Zapien’s lies

Such is the case of former Stockton city councilman and county supervisor Moses Zapien. During the election for county supervisor last year it was revealed by his opponent, Tom Patti, that Zapien had in fact lied about his resumé to get a job with the district attorney’s office. In a letter from his former employer, who is a lawyer, it turned out that he was not providing the legal services he claimed he was as he had yet to even take his state bar exam at the time. 

He was appointed to the county supervisor seat after serving two years on the city council, but lost his election bid to Tom Patti after SEIU pulled their endorsement and revelations of his dishonesty came to light in a position where integrity is essential. While on the city council he was known for leading the opposition against re-opening Fair Oaks Public Library in a disadvantaged area of the city despite promoting himself as an advocate of Little Free Libraries and literacy programs. 

In an apparent move to make up for his not being able to return to work for the district attorney due to his dishonesty, Zapien has been selected to head the Community Foundation of San Joaquin, which funds Michael Tubbs’ “reinvent south Stockton” and whom newly elected councilmember for Tubbs’ vacated district 6 seat Jesus Andrade was fined by the state Fair Political Practice Commission for not disclosing his employment with while running for office. 

The move has many residents asking if dishonesty pays as long as you are part of the group in power or represent their interests. 

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