High Times, Low Expectations in Stockton

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February 28, 2017

Stockton, CA – Remember when the circus was in town last year? Let me jog your memory, it was called election season. Maybe that was the start of your depression, when Bernie Sanders was cheated in the DNC and lost. Maybe you’re socially anxious because you’re a Dreamer and the City of Stockton hasn’t declared itself a Sanctuary City.
No worries, voters got your back, well locally at least. See back in November, hundreds of voters had your interests in mind. Measure Q&P were passed by the Council on June 28,2016. Measure Q gave an increased tax for medical and recreational cannabis. This was the negotiated exchange for interest groups, led by Zach Drivon and Gerado Zuniga. In turn for giving cut to the City, Measure P reversed the ban on new weed dispensaries. Tonight, the City Council can consent to action, joining voters in approving, what may be the start to another California Gold Rush.

That’s right, Calaveras County has experienced a land grab after Prop 64 passed. The County estimated $5-$10 million in tax revenues after the first year. $750,000 was collected on the first day when at least 150 applicants filed the first day. Maybe this can cover the $1.2 million increase in salary, for the Office of the Mayor.

Now, think you want to open your own dispensary? Don’t waste any time deciding. Applicants will have to first read through the detailed, 43-page Measure P policy. Its available on the City’s domain. Two of the 4 allowed dispensaries are active now, so no matter the number of applications, only two can be approved.

And that’s all. Short and sweet council meeting, with enough time to roll one before the sun goes down. I wonder how many members of the council are cognizant of that? Hmm…

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