Is Stockton Rolling In Money Again or Did The City Just Emerge From Bankruptcy?

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By Frank Gayaldo

March 1, 2017

A lot of citizens have been questioning the wisdom of mayor Tubbs hiring a policy analyst and public information officer for the combined total of $300,000 a year. And that’s on top of an executive assistant.Does any other non-strong mayor city in the entire USA provide their mayor with a public information officer, policy analyst, and executive assistant? If yes, what are their salaries? 

And now a salary commission has began to see if Mayor Tubbs deserves a raise. After all, he can’t be paid less than his subordinates, can he? That just wouldn’t be fair. Of course no salary commission was formed when the public candy was being freely doled out to the mayor’s buddies that were chosen without any kind of competitive civil service exam.  
Sadly hoping for fairness in Stockton’s local government is about as futile as hoping for unicorns to giveaway free snow cones at Pixy Woods. 

Tubbs has repeatedly opposed reopening Fair Oaks Library because he feels Stockton can’t afford it. And now he’s right. Sorry kids, providing books and services for the community is no longer fiscally prudent because Stockton needs to budget for its new mayor’s public information officer, executive assistant and personal city hall riot police. 

But wait. Let’s give the mayor the benefit of the doubt. Oprah supported his campaign for God sakes. Maybe his new ultra-high priced staff will bring some extraordinary business and/or political acumen that can help Stockton avoid its second bankruptcy. Watch this video of Tubbs’ executive assistant Cameron Burns. The Mayor’s right-hand man is displaying some “extraordinary” political acumen alright. 

After getting arrested by Oakland Police officers trying to prevent unruly protestors like himself from getting killed on a freeway, Mr. Burns claimed he was a student journalist who forgot his press credentials even though he was not a reporter for the student paper and he said he had “no regrets” for his behavior. After all, he wasn’t creating a menace to public safety, but rather being an oppressed martyr, a beacon of light, protecting everyone’s freedom of press and assembly. Glad to know Tubbs’ executive assistant supports these grand ideals. Disgraced former senator Leland Yee even helped Cameron Burns escape jail time. Hooray. 

My question to Executive Assistant Cameron Burns is this: Since you strongly feel the Oakland police acted excessively while trying to clear unruly protestors (like allegedly yourself) off a very dangerous highway, how do you feel about the situation here at home (well not your home, you’re from Carlsbad) where Stockton Police recently were clearing city hall? 

Mayor Tubbs smiles on as residents are rushed by riot police.

Maybe the new Mayor Industrial Complex can direct their Policy Analyst to assist their Executive Assistant in drafting an answer for the Public Information Officer to give to the public. Inquiring minds would like to know. 

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