Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs Called Out by News Reporter for Lying

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By John Moreno

March 8, 2017

In what turned out to be another eventful night (the third in a row) involving city hall and families seeking justice and answers for their loved ones killed by Stockton police, mayor Tubbs was again escorted to his vehicle by a platoon of riot police. Showing no concern for the chaos or twelve people arrested including minors with one reportedly stabbed and several people taken to the hospital, Michael Tubbs instead took to twitter to announce his displeasure with a Fox 40 reporter reporting the truth. 

Unlike the Record reporters Roger Phillips and Michael Fitzgerald who have been accused of clearly being biased in support of Tubbs

Fitzgerald’s “step daughter” Jasmine Leek a paid consultant for Tubbs’ campaign

Nicole Comstock did not back down and responded to Tubbs’ accusations with the facts of what took place: 

The truth of the matter is that while over 20 police officers, who were posted up around city hall for hours, were responding to activists across the street, the 20 riot police hidden inside city hall did not emerge until mayor Tubbs walked out. 

They surrounded his car in formation to escort him out of city hall. 

​[wpvideo gV5QbI99]​
They then got back in formation and attempted to do something that appeared at an attempt to march 20 feet back to the steps of city hall. 

​[wpvideo zA4SmaFI]​
Michael Tubbs then drove off…with his lights off. 

Meanwhile Record reporter Roger Phillips focused on a disabled and elderly woman referring to Tubbs as a boy while addressing the elder Vice Mayor Holman to mentor him:

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