Months After Denying Benefits for Dying Nurse, CEO of Kaiser Dies Unexpectedly

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STOCKTON- Months after infamously failing to accommodate their own dying nurse’s disability, Kaiser’s CEO unexpectedly dies.

Bernard Tyson, Kaiser Permanente’s $16 million plus a year CEO, has died unexpectedly in his sleep on November 10th according to the health care giant.

Over the course of the last several months, 209 Times has sent numerous requests to Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson to answer questions regarding his company’s failure to accommodate nurse Edith Gayaldo’s terminal illness.

Edith passed away on June 27, 2019. Her family made the decision to take her to the Philippines so she could receive medical care since her employer cut off her medical benefits and was egregiously and maliciously lying in writing about her medical condition.

Our public outcry did result in Kaiser reversing their bizarre FMLA denial 149 days later after they claimed her 5 cm symptomatic brain tumor was not serious enough to warrant her receiving time off.

Kaiser 1/26/19:

“The information provided on the Health Care Provider Certification did not meet the definition of a serious medical condition.”

Kaiser 10/18/19:

“To be clear, at no time did a Kaiser Permanente physician submit documentation stating that Edith’s condition was not a serious medical condition.”

Edith’s husband, who happens to be a senior 209 Times investigative reporter, and our own separate attempts to obtain a copy of the obviously fraudulent health care provider certificate that our sources tell us was completed by her manager who is not a doctor, have so far proved to be futile.

On November 1, 2019, 209 Times’ inquiry in regards to a Kaiser pharmacy bill sent to Edith posthumously, apparently resulted in a $549.36 bill being unexplainably “waived”.

The National Union of HealthCare Workers are scheduled to strike at Kaiser’s headquarters in Oakland tomorrow. It’s unknown if Mr Tyson’s passing will impact this decision.

209 Times was planning a protest at the Stockton Kaiser to demand a copy of Nurse Edith’s fraudulent health care provider certificate, but has decided to postpone it out of respect to Mr Tyson’s passing.

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