Video: Mayor Tubbs Fumbles Through Apology To Woman He Mocked As Mentally Ill

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STOCKTON- A week after cutting off speakers from Black Lives Matter during public comment and mocking a woman as mentally ill as she was being escorted out at his request, Mayor Michael Tubbs gives a half hearted apology from the dais. During last week’s city council meeting Stockton resident Kathleen Gapusan, an elderly disabled retired nurse, became upset by Tubbs’ rudeness towards members of the audience. As a result she began lambasting Tubbs from the audience leading to the mayor having her escorted out by security. As she was being escorted out Tubbs repeatedly exclaimed, “next week take your meds” implying to was mentally ill.

Tubbs apologized to her briefly before the meeting after a week of criticism from the public. However, Gapusan still spoke out.

But some felt a private apology was not enough and demanded he apologize publicly in the same fashion he mocked her.

At the end of the meeting he conceded by announcing he apologized as he nervously fumbled through paperwork, rather than actually addressing her from the dais.

Afterwards Gapusan said she is looking into the possibility of suing Mayor Tubbs for defamation and discrimination.

P. S. Yes that’s a track suit underneath his blazer.

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  1. What is wrong with this city. This is a mayor. I don’t care where he went to school. He’s 27 years, never had, now his the mayor of a city of 330,000 people. No wonder Stockton is a laughing stock. Come on people we can do better than this. This is why there are so many people are leaving the city.

  2. This mayor doesn’t check the city look this area in Manthey road/close to van Buskirk park is shit area
    Need some kiosks for family to have a lunch and do something recreational
    Baseball field for kids need to be taking care of
    Cal trans and the rest of the city departments don’t do nothing for this area
    It’s is really abandoned
    All the time citizens call they tell you call another department
    City officials don’t do nothing and they do have a lot supervisors doing nothing just eating donuts and coffee not only collecting a big check from our taxes and don’t do anything for the city or areas
    Don’t have sidewalks,don’t have lights, fencing is running down and the all area is a shit
    Come in see for yourself and check what I’m talking about it
    We really appreciate if you do something to make it better and look better city
    Thank you

  3. Why don’t we stop trying to blame a man who is running our city in more productive ways than it has ever been ran before, and take responsibility for our own communities and put in more work and effort to establish these things we are asking for instead of having our hands out. we are not entitled to anything. we have to work for what we desire to have in life and take care of the ones who are unable to physically or mentally do so. its easily for us to work for 8 hours, part time, or not at all and get government assistance and try to blame a man who works 16 to 18 hour days to make a city better than how it was left to him( which was in horrible bankrupt shape) and try and call him out, OR SUE HIM, on things that only require a conversation. grow up people. stop being dependents and help our mayor make this city great instead of being a bunch of opinionated no bodies who take no actions in making things better around them

    1. Mayor Tubbs is the worst mayor Stockton has ever had. Our homeless population has increased at least 1000% under his watch.

  4. Mayor Tubbs has increased our homeless population by at least 1000% since he took office. I know for a fact that he is taking bribes from other cities, namely Modesto and Tracy, to take in their homeless and transport them all to Stockton ( I know police officers from Modesto that regularly drop them off here, and Tracy’s mayor as openly admited that he wants to send all of their homeless population to Stockton). He should be arrested for what he has done to our great city.

  5. I find myself here after reading a whining complaint of “poor me” from this vile discriminating slimeball who took the honor of serving the public and acted in the most offensive condescending arrogant elitist manner possible toward a member of the few who serve their community without expecting a paycheck or title to fight for “the least of these”, the marginalized, our brothers and sisters.

    Mayor Tubbs is an embarrassment, a council who tolerates his infantile acts as a leader without censuring his abusive conduct is no better.

    Silence is approval.

    Judging this man based upon the content of his character, as displayed in the videos, training and rehabilitation to teach the qualities necessary for fitness in service to the public should be the plan, not public office of any kind.

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