149 Days After Denial, Kaiser Decides Own Nurse’s Brain Tumor is “Serious Medical Condition” After All

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STOCKTON- On 3/8/2019, Edith Fillon received a form letter from Kaiser’s National HR, ostensibly dated 3/1/19. (The envelope was dated 3/6/19).

Edith’s 10/11/18 denied leave request “for your own serious illness” that originally was deemed as not “meeting the definition of a serious health condition”  has now been  “REVISED” with her eligibility now being  “determined based on the information available to us on 3/1/19.” As of 3/1/19, her FMLA from 10/11/18 is now APPROVED from 10/11/18 to 01/02/19 according to this new document.

This is highly disconcerting for several reasons: 

Three Kaiser doctors, Dr, Beh on 9/20/18 (whom in that date diagnosed a symptomatic 5 cm brain tumor), Dr. Guppy on 10/3/18, and Dr Kermin Zhang on 10/11/18 who evaluated her and determined she could work at “full capacity” starting on 10/13/18 despite her being in a wheelchair and unable to read time, all refused Edith’s request to place her off work prior to her brain surgery on 10/18/18. 

Kaiser’s actions resulted in Edith administering drugs and responding to cardiac medical emergencies at  Stockton Kaiser cardiology, alternating between a walker and a wheelchair she was too weak to push herself. According to her coworkers, Edith was too confused to even clock out on her own. 

On March 6, 2019, Edith’s husband lodged a complaint with the Department of Labor.  Maybe it is a sheer coincidence, but this is the very same day Kaiser sent out a FMLA reversal letter that is 149 days too late to be of any substantive help for Edith. 

This egregiousness of how Kaiser has treated one of their own leads us to ask the following questions:

-Why won’t Kaiser explain why the  CNA is telling the family on 2/15/19 and again on 2/23/19 that Kaiser told the CNA they “never denied Edith leave since her employment” when the family is in possession a 1/26/19 denial leave letter and a 3/1/19 reversal denial leave letter? 

-Why won’t Kaiser return any calls, text messages or emails asking for copies of any of Dr Zhang’s 10/11/18 notes that explain the “evaluation” he conducted on Edith while she was confined to a wheelchair and/or walker? 

-Why does Kaiser deny giving EDD false information, but EDD says they did? Why then has the EDD lowered the amount they claim Edith owes them in back state disability three times, for a reduction total in excess of $6,000? 

-Why is Kaiser refusing to provide Edith a copy of the “Physician Health Care Provider Certification”  that was utilized to deny Edith’s original 10/11/18 leave, and how does that certificate differ from the information Kaiser is now suddenly and unexplainable relying upon “as of 3/1/19”? 

-Why was Edith originally told she had over 15 years of qualified service to obtain lifetime medical for her and her spouse, then told she didn’t, then told she did, then the CNA was told she did, and now she is being told again she didn’t but that the issue is being reviewed? 

-How did Kaiser’s “Central Valley Way” policies that incentivize “eligible managers and leaders” based on employee sick leave usage (that they settled out of court on just last year) influence Edith’s doctors to determine she was able to work at “full capacity” as a cardiology nurse from a wheelchair? 

-Is it humane to quietly cancel a terminally ill cancer patient’s medical insurance as of 2/1/19?  

-Do you trust the integrity of Kaiser executives in the Central Valley?

Based on this case, we question that ourselves.

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  1. When my wife was in a car accident a few years back, she was left wheelchair bound for about 6 months and unable to lift anything over 5 lbs. The Kaiser doctor refused to list her restrictions because he didn’t believe the state should be handing out disability checks. We tried to convince him that he has to list that she can’t walk and can’t lift anything and he suggested she find a different career path. We ended up having to goto a different doctor and file a grievence with Kaiser Corporate which apoligized but did nothing to the doctor. My wife is a nurse and was able to return to work 7 months after her accident.

    1. Wow what a piece of trash Dr. First off shes sick she needs to be off work. Second disability is something we as Californians pay into.

  2. If that is how they treat one of their own I can only imagine how they treat their patients. My health care offers Kaiser as an option. No thanks

  3. The physicians at Kaiser have sold their souls to the company store. They no longer follow their oath as physician to do no harm.

    1. This is so sad. Dr.s back then, gave their 110% and then some for their patients. Now, it’s all for the money. SMH ?‍♀️

  4. This is not the first time I’m hearing of poor care out of the Valley. Denying special needs children treatments, my grandma had a surgery that the doc gave her drop foot, and the Valley it self is like the ghetto of all the cities. Its not held to high standards and i believe kaiser is NOT the best choice, poor like crooks and bottom choice doctors. Kaiser will be exposed because social media will tell their horror stories from these poor business practices

  5. I believe this. Several years ago my Aunt was being treated for lumps in her throat. She was always tired, not feeling well, etc. She was working full time and continually getting worse, but they wouldn’t put her off of work. This went on for quite a while. Shortly after she had to quit her job because she just couldn’t handle working anymore, they diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer. Not long after being diagnosed she passed away. She was a patient of Kaiser in Stockton, Calif.

  6. I hate Kaiser. I would never recommend Kaiser to someone just because they have low cost premiums. You can find better. I know a good lawyer.

  7. I have heard some good about Kaiser ., & some real bad as per opinions ., Reading This Has Concluded That Kaiser is a Conglomerant Of Corporate Greed & If You Deny Your Own What The Hell Do You Do For Your Patients !!!

  8. I have lost ALL faith in Kaiser. I and my husband have have many issues and was only able to make a telephone appointment or go to emergency since there was no available office appointments. As of 12/26/18, my husband had to go to emergency and then was referred to Urology. He has yet seen his supposed Urologist. He has had several phone appointments with him, but no human contact. As of now, I am looking into other Heath Insurance providers before they KILL us both. Paying over $1,000 monthly and no service is rediculous and appalling.
    Shame on you Kaiser. If this is how you treat your own, who knows how far you will go with your members.

  9. Hate Kaiser. They’d rather let you die than do work.. I have known 3 people be killed by kaiser. One friend collapzed 3 times from gall stones..he was back at work the next day. I said Chris this could kill you..ypu nedd go get them out.. His reply.. Oh hon..they said they’d watch me..and they did.. next weekend.. collapzed and went into a coma.. Yup. they watched him die

    My great granddaughter has asthma..coughing & vomiting all night.gasping for air, even with a treatment. She was taken to hospital 3 more times. At insistence of my granddaughter they took an xray..that night they called her..the 4 yr old had PNEUMONIA!!! Had it over 3 months..miracle she didn’t die from it.. Absolutely heartless bastards

  10. Very sorry to hear that you were treated like that with Kaiser… my experience with Kaiser was a knee replacement 5 years later I just gave up I’ve been to their specialty doctors they won’t refer me out Stanford but yet they don’t know what’s wrong with my knee they operated on it they messed it up… unfortunately it drastically change my lifestyle…. they give you every excuse in the world until you’re just wore out and you give up when they start telling you things like well you’re overweight yes I am my activity has changed tremendously and I know you smoked when you have this operation I didn’t know that would have anything to do with my knee but I did not smoke for year’s before that operation… pretty lame excuse for bad knee operation…

  11. CVA Kaiser doctors are told not to give out Fmla more then 3 months . People need to start filing complaints to the state board in Sacramento so they can be investigated . And Hippa violations also need to be reported to medical state board in Sacramento

  12. I started with kaiser when they first opened in Stockton and each year the quality gets worse it’s the McDonald’s of health care they are required to see x amount of patients they are now so scared to give out pain meds due to the abuse now people who really need it have to jump through hoops it’s horrible but I have no other choice I feel helpless

  13. Kaiser is one example of the quality of care available to those who live in the valley and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, I’m one of hundreds who suffer the consequence of care from substandard doctors who graduated at the bottom of their class. I went to the ER with back pain and left with a misdiagnosis of COPD & emphysema. I was prescribed antibiotics, an inhaler, and cough medicine. Almost 2 years would pass with increased pain and symptoms, more than a dozen xrays, and two MRIs before I got the correct diagnosis; Degenerative Disc Disease. It’s too late to prevent where I am now, living with chronic pain. The suggestion of a hip replacement and a prescription for 800 mg ibuprofen is an insult. When the pain gets so bad that I have to buy Vicodin off the street that is by far the sadest day in my life. The above is one of many examples I could share regarding the quality of health care in Merced. The worst, reading in the patient portal that I have “Active” stage 1 kidney disease. One might think someone might tell me of this life-threatening disorder! I don’t think I’ll die from the lack of adequate care rather I believe fear of being treated by these idiots will do that.

  14. Why is anyone surprised? They obviously don’t care anymore about their employees than they do their patients. They are killing chronic pain patients by the thousands (at least). It absolutely amazes me that it is legal for your Doctor to be employed by your insurance company-especially when you are REQUIRED to go only to them. They obviously get “bonuses” to deny medically fragile and disabled patients needed pain medications, handicapped placards and especially disability and/or time off needed for severe medical conditions. I pray every day there will be a class action lawsuit against them for all the patient deaths they have caused!

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