New Book Alleges Michael Tubbs/Kevin Johnson Under FBI Investigation

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Is the FBI investigating Mayor Michael Tubbs and his assistant, Daniel Lopez? 

Derek Bluford, a self-proclaimed former “confidential human source” for the FBI and author of “The Mighty Have Fallen: The Inside Story of the FBI’s Investigation into Political Corruption” (available on Amazon: is alleging Mayor Michael Tubbs and his assistant, Daniel Lopez, whom worked previously for former Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, are under current FBI investigation for public corruption. 

Yesterday the author wrote the following in his blog: 

“Mayor Tubbs is now running for re-election but is facing a hard time with some recent stories that have emerged alleging him to be involved in corruption. Stories were published ‘209 Times’. After this Tubbs risks losing in the re-election as the public has turned against him. The public believes them as there have been instances where Tubbs failed to answer the source of his campaign funding. His staff member Daniel Lopez has denied the allegations made on Tubbs terming them as ‘outright lies’. However, there was credible evidence from the FBI and its sources, that show both Mayor Tubbs and his right hand Daniel Lopez are both subjects of an FBI investigation, relating to the former Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson. 
With the publication of these stories against Mayor Tubbs, a chapter from the #1 New Release in Public Affairs book “The Mighty Have Fallen” by Derek Bluford, has come into the limelight. The newly released book is a record of several FBI investigations against the corrupt politicians of the United States. There is a chapter named ‘Stockton’ that narrates the story of an FBI confidential human source that had a meeting with Mayor Tubbs on February 6, 2020. In this meeting, the FBI facilitator asks Mayor Tubbs to give contracts to his company in which Tubbs discussed $35,000 for his re-election camping. The facilitator agrees to give $25,000 to Mayor Tubbs and takes off. Even more troubling is the video recording of the former mayor Kevin Johnson, having a phone discussion with Daniel Lopez and requesting the deal by stating “I would not usually say this, but I am in a rush, so no beating around the bush. Quid Pro Quo. We need a contract with the city. What do you need?”

His blog appears here:

Editor’s note: 209 Times cannot yet confirm the veracity of Mr. Bluford’s many claims, which includes that the FBI has been investigating Mayor Tubbs and his assistant, Daniel Lopez since at least February 6, 2020.  It should be noted Mr. Bluford is currently facing his own legal issues:

We can verify that at least as of February 28, 2020, San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar authorized then Sergeant (now lieutenant and expected to be promoted by Salazar as her next chief) Robert Faine of her public corruption unit to criminally investigate Mayor Tubbs, Lange Luntao and the Reinvent Stockton Foundation for public corruption. 

The Fair Political Practices Commission and the Stockton Unified School District both have separate open investigations regarding Mayor Tubbs, SUSD Trustee Lange Luntao and Reinvent Stockton Foundation. 

Stockton Unified’s internal investigation has yet to conclude their investigation of conflict of interest perpetrated by Trustee Luntao, In great part because the law firm of Lozano Smith has noted that Reinvent Stockton Foundation (which Mayor Tubbs’ founded and Luntao is the executive director of) has so far stubbornly refused to provide SUSD the requested documentation and are stalling the investigation by not cooperating. 

We have previously reported that Mayor Tubbs has maintained a secret consultancy business that he has failed to report on his statement of economic interest since April of 2019. The City of Stockton has repeatedly refused to investigate this blatant city charter violation. 

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  1. This guy definitely works for the fbi. I just checked out the website and there are emails and text from 2018 with the fbi. Good for him. Looks like he’s helping us. This is what paying back your community should look like.

    Tubbs has always been corrupt! Him and that Daniel guy.

    I’m starting to piece this whole puzzle together. Kevin Johnson, Michael Tubbs, Eric Garcetti, Toni Harp and Congressman Greg Stanton. If you check out the website this fbi guy was also involved with Mayor Lovely Warren and Mayor Jasiel Correia BOTH ARE CURRENTLY INDICTED. Come get the rest!

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