California Covid Hypocrisy

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California Covid Hypocrisy As the state of California continues under an extended mask mandate ordered by Governor Newsom, that same Governor Gavin Newsom has once again been photographed violating his own policy he is enforcing on schools and businesses throughout the state. Newsom is pictured here with NBA legend at the crowded NFC Championship yesterday in Los Angeles, where people …

Governor Newsom Visits Homeless Camp in Stockton for Photo Opportunity

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“Let me be blunt: it is unacceptable to not provide proper care to those struggling the most, who’ve found themselves homeless due to mental health and addiction challenges,” said Governor Newsom. “We cannot continue to tolerate the open drug use on our streets – we can no longer just look the other way.” STOCKTON- Gavin Newsom visited transient encampments wearing …

Newsom’s Armed Officers Crackdown On Salon In Stockton For Violating COVID-19 Restrictions

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STOCKTON- The Pomp Salon in Lincoln center was paid an unexpected visit today by armed officers from the state. According to eyewitnesses they identified themselves as being from the state board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Customers were forced to leave and the salon was fined $1,000 along with a few stylists who received misdemeanors.

Governor Newsom Announces New Statewide Lockdown Amidst Soar In New COVID-19 Cases

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Governor Newsom has announced that regions of the state will be subject to a new stay-at-home order if their hospital ICU capacity falls below 15%. In regions where that happens citizens will be told to remain in their homes unless they are conducting approved “essential activities” and lockdowns would last for 3 weeks. Newsom announced in a press conference he …

Realtors And Residents Fear Property Values Will Drop If Stockton Becomes Regional Homeless Center

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STOCKTON- Since breaking news of the State Waterboard working with the Stockton Area Homeless Task Force to redevelop the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds into a Regional Homeless Center “pilot program”, there has been major concerns from not only the residents of Stockton, but the business community as a whole. One of Stockton’s most prominent Realtors fears the negative implications and affects that a …

Musk vs California: Tesla Plant in Fremont Re-Opens In Defiance of County/State Orders

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FREMONT- Yesterday the South African billionaire who owns Tesla tweeted out a request that only he be arrested if the state cracked down on the re-opening ogle the Bay Area plant where many from the Central Valley commute to work for. The battle has been waged over social media and now will go to court according to Musk. The battle …

Trump Cuts Nearly $1 Billion From California High Speed Rail

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CALIFORNIA- The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Rail Authority released a letter today announcing they will be cutting $928 million from the California High Speed Rail Authority meant to be used for the delayed and maligned project. The original plan was meant for a train that would connect the Bay Area to the Central Valley down to Bakersfield. The Rail …

Governor Newsom Wants More Of Your Money

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SACRAMENTO- Yesterday Governor Newsom proposed a new tax on California water customers up to $10 a month to pay for what tax payers are already paying for-clean water. Despite inheriting a record $30,000,000 budget surplus from Jerry Brown, Newsom (who was conspicuously absent as lieutenant governor for most of Brown’s tenure) now wants $140 million more from California tax payers …

Trump Wants Billions Back From California After Newsom Says High Speed Is Cancelled

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CALIFORNIA- In a Twitter war made for 2019, President Trump says the federal government will be cancelling $929 million is federal grants meant for California’s High Speed Train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He also says he wants a return of the more than $2.5 billion already spent. Today the U.S. Department of Transportation sent a letter stating, “In …